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Start with 'Why'
17th October 2018

A friend of mine and local hair salon owner, Christian Wiles, recently recommended I check out the work of respected author and motivational speaker – Simon Sinek. Now I’m usually a bit sceptical about some of these characters talking a good game venue to venue but with no real business credentials, however as I respect Christian’s opinion and figured he wasn’t easily hoodwinked by these things I investigated some of Mr Sinek’s ideas.

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Top tips for selling property
13th September 2018

Whilst it will be the responsibility of your chosen estate agent to sell your property on your behalf, there is a lot you can do as an owner to help that happen more quickly, often at a better price, and in many cases with reduced levels of stress. So here are a few tips I have picked up over the years:-

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What makes a home?
7th August 2018

A house, bungalow or apartment is essentially a pile of bricks, mortar and roof tile. So what makes a home, other than it’s where you happen to live? Here’s a list of the top ten things we feel contribute to turning that pile of bricks in to a treasured home…

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Northamptonshire Property Market – more ‘Robust’ than ‘Boom’
19th July 2018

I’m hoping to cover some FAQs in future editions, but without doubt the two most common questions we are asked are ‘how’s the market?’ and ‘what are house prices doing?’. As you are probably aware, the housing market is a subject of acute interest to many.

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What would a ‘Brexit’ mean for the UK Housing Market?
8th June 2016

The UK Housing Market seems to have become a key battleground upon which both ‘in’ and ‘out’ camps have thrust forward their unequivocal, yet diametrically opposed arguments. So what precisely are both sides predicting and why? Can history aid us at all in reaching a confident forecast? And will such speculation influence how the public vote anyway?

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