Ways To Smarten Up Your Garden Before Putting It On The Market
26th July 2022

When it comes to selling a property, it’s not just the interior that seals the deal. Whether you see mowing the lawn and weeding the patio as a chore, it can certainly be time and money well spent. Since the pandemic, gardens have become more important than ever as we long for more space throughout our homes. A recent study by the AA suggests that houses with a garden are valued 5% more than those without, showing just how much buyers value their outdoor space. Giving your garden or patio some TLC is definitely beneficial if you’re thinking about putting your home on the market. 

From a quick tidy-up to a whole new garden space, with these recommended garden updates, potential buyers will have even more of a reason to fall in love with your home. 


Adding a Social Space

Gone are the days where people would just use their gardens for extra storage, they are now seen as part of the home. Gardens are now used for entertaining guests, spending quality time with family members over a BBQ or simply relaxing and enjoying the warmer weather. For example, an added patio or decking area could really elevate the feel of your garden and create a zone for socialising. Things to consider include what area of your garden receives the most sunlight, and at what times of day, so you can really get the most out of this space. 

The addition of garden furniture can make a huge difference to your garden, no matter what your budget is! With an array of options available on the market, you’re sure to find something within your style. Whether that’s a traditional wooden dining set or a comfy corner rattan sofa. Of course you’ll most likely take this furniture with you to your next property, but for viewings it’s great as potential buyers can visualise how the space works with garden furniture. Adding lights to your garden can also create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere, again helping buyers to imagine themselves living there. 


Importance of Maintaining Your Lawn

It’s safe to say lawns can be overlooked by some homeowners, but they actually don’t require that much maintenance and can really make a difference to the look of your garden. A potential buyer will be impressed by well kept greenery, as they won’t have to budget an additional cost of possibly having to lay a new lawn.

With regular mowing, watering and planting of seeds, maintaining your lawn can be relatively easy. According to RHS, the general rule for mowing your lawn on average is once a week. During the summer months, you can even mow up to two times a week, that’s if you have the time at least! For a professional looking lawn, make sure to mow in both directions. In terms of watering your lawn, it’s recommended to water mature grass once a week from June to September. Less watering is needed in the Spring and Autumn, and you can even get away with not watering it at all during winter, due to heavy rainfall. 


Add an Garden Room

If you have a large budget to play with and you’re short on interior space, a garden room is an easy way to add additional room and can significantly increase the appeal of your home. It’s suggested to check with your local planning office first in regards to planning permission. Additionally, the versatility of a garden room allows potential buyers to choose what they use it for, whether that's an office, a gym or even a playroom for children. 


Increase Privacy 

Garden privacy and security can be an important factor for some buyers as the fear of being overlooked by neighbours can put some people off. One way of increasing privacy in your garden is to maximise your fence height. Fencing can be a great method to screen your garden from the side and can be two metres in height without having to apply for planning permission. If fencing isn’t an option for you, simply adding plants can increase the privacy of your garden. Woody plants such as shrubs grow large enough to add privacy, while still being low maintenance. Choose from shrubs such as roses, hardy hibiscus and holly which will also improve the appearance and feel of your garden with their colourful flowers. 


Quick and Easy Gardening Tips:

If you’re wanting to move quickly, here are a few gardening tips that have a relatively quick turnaround:

  1. Brighten up your garden by giving the fence a new lick of paint
  2. Fix broken plant pots and fences
  3. Update your old plant pots by creating a unique design
  4. Pick out weeds
  5. Jet wash your patio area
  6. Add hanging baskets to courtyard gardens 

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