The Diary of a Refurbishment – Week 1
8th October 2013

I thought it might be interesting, and possibly helpful, for me to document the progress of the refurbishment of a local property.

I’m very grateful to a local property developer for allowing me access to his project at various stages of completion. I hope it will provide an insight in to what the various stages look like, and what can indeed be achieved on a project such as this. Apart from that, I just think it is intriguing to see how the property will change over the course of the refurbishment. I am not presenting it as a ‘how to’ guide, as I personally do not have the building knowledge to do so, and any practical advice you might take from my posts are entirely up to you…for which neither myself or our developer friend take responsibility!

The property is situated on Main Road in Duston. So let me start by showing you images of the house taken during Week 1 of the project:


184 Main Road front

Living Room


Dining Room



184 Main Road kitchen

Bedroom 1


Bedroom 2


Bedroom 3



184 Main Road bathroom

Rear Garden

184 Main Road garden

and finally, so you can get a feel of the layout, here is the….


184 Main Road FP

I will be in touch again shortly to update you with the next set of images. Until then, thanks for reading.

Kind regards

Nick Rees