Bathroom Bliss
14th March 2013

Today I’m having a little bit of a dream about the lottery win which is surely coming my way soon.

I could bore you all with the long list of cars and boats I’d spend it on, but instead I thought I’d indulge you all in a little bathroom envy.

So here’s a selection of bathrooms for you all to cast your critical eye over. I’d like to think there’s something here to meet all tastes, if not all budgets, but then there’s no point dreaming about a value bathroom suite is there?


I’ll start you off with a couple of more affordable options…

classic rolltop

Charcoal Grey painted walls and black and white photography complement this classic white roll top bath.

cute rolltop

The wall cladding, unusual street lamps and ‘shabby chic’ furniture add a subtle twist to the classic roll top.


For those with a more eclectic taste…


This aluminium ‘bateau’ style bath is stated as lasting a lifetime and benefits from excellent heat retention.

tin bath

This is maybe one for those with a playful sense of humour. We think the steel bath and wood print wallpaper work together.


Taking it up a gear or two now…

disco bath

This ‘disco’ bathroom, as we’ve termed it in HQ, is probably not for the more conservative of tastes. The glass blocks and green tiles certainly give it visual impact!

stainless steel

The metallic silver ‘soaker tub’ and basins might be too clinical, were it not for the lilac adding a softer edge.


As it says really. Top end bathrooms that you won’t find in your local DIY store…

money no object

More a plunge pool or hot tub I suppose, but we were taken with it’s simple luxury.

luxury location

OK, so it does help that this one is in a beach house in Phuket, Thailand! Regardless, we’re loving the luxurious round bath tub.

So there we have it, back to the real world for me. I hope there was something there to meet your tastes.

If you think you’ve got a better bathroom then please send me a photo to and we’ll see if we can use it on this blog or on our social media.


Nick Rees